New solar manufacturing plant in the Philippines

First Philippine Solar Corp. (FPSC) in partnership with Nexolon Corp, a Korean company, will be establishing a new solar manufacturing plant in the Philippines. The said plant is expected to produce 400 megawatts worth of solar wafers each year.

The company is also a partner of the Congressional Commission on Science Technology and Engineering (COMSTE) in mounting renewable energy systems.

“Our company will keep developing strategic partnerships with technology leaders that will complement the manufacturing excellence and expertise of First Philec,” Arthur de Aguia, President of FPSC.

“The company will also undertake research and development activities that focus on improvements in technology, process and equipment for the solar industry.” He added

FPHC intends to grow its investments in manufacturing to provide a strong backbone to the country’s economy, founded on technological advancement and increased ability to add value to products and manufacturing services for the global market.

Currently, SunPower, one of world’s largest solar manufacturers, previously has two solar wafer fabrication plants in the country even before the detonation of renewable energy investments.

The increasing number of renewable energy investment in the Philippines proves that the country is in the right path of being aware of climate change issues. This statement is according to Greenpeace campaigner, Amalie Obusan.

Renewable energy costs between P8 to P20 per kilowatt and this is expected to go down as more companies invest in renewable energy in the country, Obusan said

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