Microsoft is ready to purchase Skype after FTC’s approval

Microsoft bayouts Skype

Microsoft bayouts Skype

Microsoft Corp, a software giant, has now vested a right by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to carry on the company’s largest deal of $8.5 billion to purchase the chat and call service of Skype.

FTC and Department of Justice have announced its approval in the $8.5 billion deal. According to the FTC’s website, the two agencies must review any deal worth more than $65.2 million,

Microsoft already has a Skype-like service called Windows Live. However, Skype lets users of different kinds of computers and phones chat directly. The deal could let Microsoft sell more digital advertising and offer more popular business conferencing tools.

Microsoft’s bid is more than three times Skype’s value 18 months ago when eBay Inc. sold a two-thirds stake to private equity firm Silver Lake.

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