The President sold his Porsche

President Aquino white Porsche

President Aquino white Porsche

President Aquino decided to buy a luxury car few months after his inauguration. It was his personal decision. The money that was used in buying the luxury car was his own however, citizens still questioning why he needed to buy one.

Aquino said it was security distresses and not for controversy surrounding that he bought second hand luxury car. And now, prompted him to get rid of the Porsche.

“It’s putting an unnecessary risk on the people who are guarding me. It is too exposed and it is like an advertisement, saying, ‘Here I am. I am most vulnerable here’,” the president told reporters.

“I just relegated it to the garage and it would deteriorate if it is not used. So it’s time to let somebody (else) experience it,” said the 51-year-old bachelor.

Aquino did not mention who bought the car and how much it was bought. However, he said the it was sold by the how much he bought the car.

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