Mark Zuckerberg most followed in Google +

Mark Zuckerberg most followed in Google +

Mark Zuckerberg most followed in Google +

Mark Zuckerberg most followed on Google +

It is embarrassing for the CEO, Larry Page, and co-founder, Sergey Brin, of Google that Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook is the most followed user on Google+. It is according to Google+ statistics counter today.

Mark Zuckerberg has 21,213 followers compared to the Google CEO at 14,798. It is also becoming awkward knowing that Google had launch the Google + as a new social network that aims to take over the Facebook.

Google + has five basic components:

Circles allow the users to group their contact such as ‘friends’, ‘work’ or ‘family’. This feature lets you share your post with the certain groups that you wanted.

Sparks act like news feed in Facebook. It shows the relevant updates in your account.

Hangouts feature is live group video chat that aim to encourage spontaneous meeting with up to 10 contacts.

Instant Uploads, users can upload their phone pictures or video in a private album. From that album the users can decide whether with whom she/he wants to share

Huddle is a group texting feature. This feature lets you have a group chat through your phone.

Facebook recorded 21,759,280 Filipino users which is about 23% of the total population of Philippines. Being one of the top countries that uses Facebook last January 2011, will Google be successful in shifting the interest of Filipinos from Facebook to Google +.

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