DIVORCE in the Philippines?

Divorce? Yes ro No?

Divorce? Yes or No?

Divorce is a controversial issue ever since it was mentioned in the Philippine Congress. It was 1991, when Representative Manuel C. Ortega filed the House Bill No. 6993 to endorse the divorce to be legal in the Philippines. In 2001, similar matter was filed by Senator Rodolfo G. Biazon and Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo under Senate Bill no. 782 and House Bill no. 878, respectively. Then, in 2005 party-list representative Liza Masa of Gabriela also filed a divorce bill and filed it again during the 14th congress under House Bill no. 3461 to introduce divorce in the Philippines.

Today, DIVORCE has been HOT TOPIC not only inside the congress but also throughout the Philippines especially in the rural areas. There are different opinions coming out that categorizing the supporters and non-supporters of the said bill. Even the government officials have different opinions regarding the House Bill no. 3461.

“It is bound to be another one contentious bill, but let me just say that I myself is in favor of the bill. (It’s) very difficult to let the people who cannot continue to live together. “– Feliciano Belmonte

“Let us not keep our country in the dark ages. I appeal to my colleagues in Congress to let the legislative mill run its course on the Divorce bill without further delay and give Filipino couples in irreparable and unhappy marriages this option.”- Luzviminda Ilagan

While, Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao took his stand to not support the bill echoing the opinion of Catholic Bishops.

For the non-supporters of the bill, marriage is not only a legal union but also a sacred union between the man and woman bless by God. These two persons institute themselves as partner for their whole life and promise not to separate whatever happens. But for the supporters, there are unhappy marriages all over the Philippines. These marriages are not working so why not end it. So, divorce is the only option for them.

This matter will take time for the Philippines to sort out. It is also significant for the congress to know the opinions of their citizens. This will help them to decide if the country needs the Divorce Bill or not.

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