Bimby helping Mongol Crayons to enhance the creativity of Pinoy kids

Bimby with his crayons

Bimby with his crayons

Truly, that the youngest son of Kris Aquino, Bimby, is of one the famous kids today. Now, the Mongol Crayons has chosen him to be their partner in helping the Pinoy Kids in enhancing their artistic talent.

Regardless of Kris Aquino being busy with her work, she always makes sure that she finds time to be with her children. She never forgets to inform that education is important in every person. So, she always provides the needs of her children by providing them quality school materials that would help them to nurture their talent.

Mogol Crayons believes that Kris Aquino and the company have the same belief. So, the company has chosen Bimby to be part of their advocacy in attracting the kids to practice their creativity.

People can see the future of Bimby being the endorser of the different products because of his popularity being the son of the Queen of all Media and being the nephew of the President of the Philippines. He has also a superb charisma that magnetizing the people to watch his action constantly. For the record, Bimby will always be one of the center of attention of the Philippines.

Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal

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