Taiwanese food products recalled over Contamination

Taiwanese food products recalled over contaminationHealth authorities on Wednesday ordered a massive recall of Taiwanese-made food and drink products due to fears that they may have been contaminated with a harmful chemical.

The Food and Drug Administration ordered the recall of about 300 different products after Taipei said that a chemical known as DEHP may have been illegally added to them.

Consumers were warned not to use the products, which include sports drinks, fruit concentrate, sweets, syrup, and yoghurt while distributors were told not to sell or import them, the agency said in a notice.

Taiwan last month issued a major recall of products, including more than 460,000 bottles of sports drinks and fruit juice, over fears they contained the chemical, which is widely used in manufacturing PVC products.

Taipei warned Manila last week that DEHP could have been illegally added to food products that were exported to the Philippines.

Authorities earlier said that no traces of DEHP contamination had been found and there have been no reports of people falling ill in the Philippines.

While low doses are generally safe, high doses or prolonged exposure to DEHP could have harmful effects, such as retarding the development of boys’ testes, officials warned.

Source: www.interaksyon.com

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