LRT 1 Back to Normal Route This Day

LRT 1 Back to Normal Route This DayLast Friday morning LRT 1(Yellow Line) operation was disrupted because of a fire near Blumentritt station. It partially resumed its operations later that day but limited to Baclaran and R. Papa station. Operations on LRT 1 was announced to limit from May 28 to 31, operating only between Baclaran and Blumentritt, to integrate the signaling system of the North Extension Project into its existing system.

The integration of the entire Line 1 signaling system has been completed one day earlier than the original schedule, LRTA administrator Rafael Rodriguez said in a press statement.

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) Line-1 resumes its full operations from Baclaran to Roosevelt stations this day, Monday 5/30/2011.

“Our maintenance team exerted all efforts to complete the integration works over the weekend so as not to give inconvenience to the riding public,” Rodriguez added.

The permanent integration of the signaling systems of the North Extension Project with the existing Line 1 system is expected to provide a more efficient and safer rail service to train commuters.

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