Philippines’ Caramoan Island had the most international TV exposure!

Out of 7107 islands in the Philippines, Caramoan Peninsula located at the province Camarines Sur probably had the most international exposure.

The first media attention of this island was last 2008 when the French version of the hit reality show Survivor, “Koh-Lanta Caramoan,” filmed in its breathtaking beaches. The same year, the filming of Survivor Bulgaria also took place in this island and on 2009 Survivor Israel still filmed their location in the said stunning place.

After filming one season of Survivor in 2009, the production went back in the Gota Village Resort in Caramoan to film another season of the TV show that started February last year and the program was telecast in Israel early June of the same year. According to the show’s producer Gregory Bekerman, Caramoan has this ‘wild paradise’ charm. It is virtually untouched and yet it has enough facilities to accommodate the show. “The Philippine beaches are a refreshing view.  It’s an overwhelming location and I’m sure it will be very tempting for our audience to go see it themselves,” he added.

The former Tourism Secretary Ace Durano once said that Survivor Israel has once more given the Philippines a one of a kind exposure, reinforcing what it has done last year, which is promoting a sampling of the country through Caramoan, as one of the world’s top travel destinations.”

For the past five years, Caramoan has gained more popularity because of its 45 charming coves and islets.  Gota Beach, the jump-off point to other islands and venue of the show’s entire season, was just one of the many captivating destinations at Caramoan Island.

The Department of Tourism with the participation of the local government of Camsur, helped bring the Survivor’s production outfit to Caramoan.  The show also featured an 8-minute breathtaking video featuring various Philippine destinations and that video became a part of DoT’s presentation during its travel missions and promotions abroad.

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