Maasai Girls Escaping Circumcision from Kenya, a Film Subject of a Filipina Photojournalist


Filipino native, now US resident Marvi Lacar a photojournalist and a short film maker receives her international spotlight after her 28-minute documentary, titled:  Escape: Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage in Kenya, that depicts the struggling life specifically the early marriage and female circumcision of young girls, from indigenous community of Kenya.

To see the Escape Video Trailer, Click Here.

The film of Marvi Lacar just had caught the attention of NY1 News, Time Warner Cable’s 24-hour news channel in New York City and several writers and bloggers across the US.

The video also shows the rescue work of Tasaru Rescue Center of a teenage girl Naanyu Sekut, who is about to go on her wedding ceremony with a 45-year old man. Tasaru Rescue Center, offers girls an alternative rite of passage to the deep-rooted cultural practice, also known as FGM. Mary Walker, and FGM, Global Relief Resources raises funds in order to offer Scholarships and Grants for women and girls who are ending Female Genital Mutilation in Africa.

From GMA News Online, Lacar said she made the film on Kenyan women “not only to bring awareness to the plight of these girls but to get viewers invested enough in their future and help them through donations, outreach, education, etc.”

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

To see the rest of photos taken by Marvi Lacar, Click Here.

From Marvi Lacar’s page, she wrote, This project documents the progress of some Maasai people’s battle against female circumcision and early marriage through rescue, rehabilitation and tribal outreach programs. This work is part of a larger photo documentary on “Women in Poverty”, quoted as she emphasizes this word.

According to Marvi and her husband from their 1 month interaction to Maasai Tribe of Kenya, girls from 8 to 15 years of age undergo to genital circumcision and prerequisite this rite to marriage, which brings in a significant dowry to the girl’s family. Once married, girls quit school and attend to their wifely duties of keeping house and raising children as what wife does. At the age of 18-20 some of these girls have several children.

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