Alter Space the First Social Network Application, Proudly Pinoy Made


Introducing Alter Space, the newest and first ever Filipino-developed game application for the leading social networking site,, created by AboitizPower Corporation.

AboitizPower Corporation is a publicly-owned holding company in the Philippines that recently offers Cleanergy which talks about clean and renewable power source and primarily the reduction of carbon footprints to have sustainable and cleaner energy solutions that connotes a vision of living a healthier life for a better future.

In the Philippines, there are currently 18,124, 220 Filipinos on Facebook and among all of this, 54 percent of social networking site users cite gaming as the reason they log on.

Alter Space is made to educate public and let them participate in the struggle of reducing carbon footprint to have in mind the concept of responsibility of source management through personal activities, within or outside the house.

Alter Space is very simple and it’s not complicated to play as other games are. You just need to start the game by creating your own planet, and to level-up; Player only need to take a good care not only his own home but the whole planet and to remain happy while building an eco-friendly world. Just like in reality, global warning, climate change and other natural disasters are expected to happen if we are not going to change our lifestyle for the better.

By pointing your mouse cursor to every appliance, you can see a trivia and tips regarding to what object you are pointing of and how to minimize your energy consumption presented at the bottom part of your screen.



You can visit and play at the park place and do recreational pinoy activities like stargazing, cycling, swing, and slide or stay at home and play game called sungka. Filipino culture is really in the game as it also lets you shop for food like tapsilog, hotsilog, lumpia, adobo, buko juice and etc.

From time to time, you will receive a series of tasks that you have to accomplish within the given amount of time, and you have to do these tasks while still keeping the carbon footprint low.

To unlock other additional stores and amusements you need to have certain currentcy for this. Earn a lot of money called “currentcy” through Alter Space mini games such as Solar Plant, where in you need to catch sun by using solar panel but you need to avoid other falling objects to touch your solar panel. Another one is Geothermal Plant that makes you earn currentcy by hitting steam smoke from the geothermal tubes. And Hydrothermal Plant, whereby setting a waterway connection from one side to another side using waterpipes can help you have currentcy. All of these three mini games are under the pressure of time and distractions.

Using currentcy, you can also populate your home with appliances. You will get asked whether to upgrade an appliance or not or as what the task requires you to do so. Upgrading an appliance can give a plus point on your happiness scale while adding up to the carbon footprint scale. So it’s your hands decision if what would you like the game to be.

When you reach the level five, you need to do the final task together with 4 friends of yours by building APS or Alternative Power Source and you can win cool prices such as Ipad, paper fan, shirts and other memorabilia, after you finish the final task.

So that’s it! Start spreading the news about this global awareness game and meet new friends.

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