After Django Bustamante, Antonio Lining is the World’s No.1 Pool Player


Yes you read it right!

In the recently held Philippine Open Pool Championship, Antonio Lining has become the World’s No. 1 Pool player.

WPBO, World Pool-Billiard Association President Mr. Ian Anderson announced that Antonio “Nikoy” Lining has overtaken Django Bustamante’s rank no. 1 professional billiard player in the world after making it to the 2nd Place of the Philippine Open Pool Championship earlier this month, held at SM Megamall.

Though he lost his table battle against German Ralph Soquet “the surgeon”, but due to point system he still top notched the world number 1 spot of Professional Pool Players in the World.

Antonio Lining today's No. 1 World Pool Player

Antonio Lining

Nikoy, is a one of the few left-handed Asian pool players, but it seems that it is his magical left hand that brought him at the peak of pool player ranking today.

Some of his humble beginning is when he finished 2nd place next to Bustamante in the Motolite International Nine-Ball Tournament last 2000, where he also bested Efren “Bata” Reyes at the quarter-finals. And his first Gold Medal together with Bustamante at Nine-ball doubles event at the 2002 Busan Asian Games.

On the other note, ‘RoboCop” Dennis Orcullo is also climbing up in the world ranking as he will soon be on the 2nd spot after Lining while Bustamante’s position continues to drop in the world rankings.

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