Filipina, Angeli Flores part of Pan-Asian Girl Group “BLUSH”




Hong Kong based Far-West Entertainment teamed up with British songwriter and record producer Eliot Kennedy who is known for his work songs for groups such as Spice Girls, S Club 7 and Five, to create “a pan-Asian, English-singing group composing of 5 beautiful, intelligent and talented young Asian women from Japan, Korea, China, India and the Philippines age ranges from 18-25 called “Project Lotus”.

Project Lotus aims to bring the next girl group band to the world. Part of the group is a Filipina singer Angeli Flores from Philippines, picked by FarWest Entertainment to become part of the 1st Pan-Asian girl group Blush, after its long wait from live auditions in Mumbai, Manila, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong, down to 25 Finalist to reality TV series intense training in Hong Kong to the elimination process and down to the selection of the Final Five.

To watch the elimination and selection process, Click Here!

Flores will be performing together with Victoria Chan (China), Alisha Budhrani (India), Natsuko Danjo (Japan) and Ji-Hae Lee (Korea). BLUSH after its successful launch in Asia, is all set and geared up to launch globally as they already started to record “Holding On To A Dream” which the girls recorded in Hong Kong with nine time Grammy Award winning producer / engineer Tal Herzberg and with their first single called “Undivided”.

Angeli Mae Flores from the Philippines (center)

Angeli Mae Flores (at the center) from the Philippines

To see the rehearsals of the Final Five, Click Here!

Lea Salonga, was one among the judges in the search for the Next Asian Girl Group, and said the newly-formed group “exciting” and the possibilities for it “endless“, “I don’t believe that a Pan-Asian girl group has ever been formed. There is such diversity in the group that was formed, not only in their features, but also in their personalities,” Lea added.

This Pan-Asian Girls experienced a development academy with some of the industry’s biggest names, record music, DVD’s and a TV special and a Film documentary of their journey in this reality search in English across the Asia this April-May.

Angeli Mae Flores, native of Marikina City is a face of Talent Search here in the Philippines. She competed in the talent show Star for a Night, hosted by Songbird Regine Velasquez in which Sarah Geronimo won as Grand Winner, together with Mau Marcelo (Grand Winner, Philippine Idol) participated. Flores, together with Star for a Night Finalists, released an album under Viva Records and recorded, “Sabi mo lang pala.”

Flores also joined the Search for the 1st Pinoy Idol which aired on GMA Network but she just made it to the top 11 spot.

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