Fight Climate Change by 60 Minutes Lights-Off


Earth Hour Logo 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour global movement to help fight climate change is now on its fifth year, started by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) having its mission: “to halt and reverse the destruction of our environment”, is an international NGO that works on matters about the conservation, research and restoration of the environment together with The Sydney Morning Herald in year 2007, which about 2 million households of Sydney participated by turning off all non-essential lights. Following Sydney’s lead, hundreds of countries participated in Earth Hour every year; 96 countries on 6 continents participated in the event in 2009 and 128 countries participated in Earth Hour 2010, including Philippines.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum are just some of the Global landmarks that stood up to participate in year 2007.

The Philippines heading the global event [Earth Hour] participation for the past 2 years which is said to be the largest environmental event in human history to date, spearheaded by Filipino environmentalist are encouraging Filipinos to pledge a year-long commitment to reduce energy usage — whether it is by biking to work, planting native trees or going on a no-meat diet.

“Though it would be wonderful to again be number one in terms of participation, we must emphasize that Earth Hour is but 60 minutes long. If we want lasting and effective results, then we must inculcate the true spirit of the event into our lives — which is to reduce the consumption of power, water and other critical resources. It all depends on what the individual is willing to do. In the same fashion, corporations and communities can make commitments to be more resource-efficient and environmentally responsive. Remember, it starts with nothing more than a conscious decision.” Atty. Gia Ibay, Earth Hour national director, said in a statement.(from

Earth Hour 60 minutes lights-off will run from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. this March 26, 2011, Saturday.

We are ONE on this Global Climate Change Awareness.

For more information, log on to for Philippines, and Global Earth Hour or call the Earth Hour Social Mobilization Team at +632 920-7973 local 19.


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