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MiG Ayesa a Filipino-Aussie Singer

MiG Ayesa a Filipino-Aussie Singer

Miguel Alfonso Ramon Legarda “MiG” Ayesa, known for being a front-runner in the reality-based talent search, “Rock Star: INXS” in 2005, a show that was designed to find the Australian band a new lead singer years after its original vocalist, Michael Hutchence, passed away. Ayesa placed third in the worldwide competition, which helped him launch a music career and lot of appearances both on stage and television in European countries.

Ayesa described as an “Aussie/Filipino rock vocalist of Spanish and Ilonggo ancestry” is a Manila-born, Australia-raised, plays the role of the “spoiled, wannabe rock star” Stacee Jaxx in the rock musical that originally premiered in Los Angeles in 2006, garnering five Tony nominations and a multi-city national tour after. it opened. It opened in Broadway in 2009.

The Rockstar performance achieved a lot of good words from the critics especially during its Boston leg back in December 2010. Reviews noting that “MiG” Ayesa has a killer voice and a delicious sense of humor”, the Chicago Tribune proclaim. Another from Connie Wilson from Associated Content, “He is terrific and just as talented as Maroulis… He has a big voice, washboard abs and great stage presence.”

“I attribute my success to three elements: hard work, passion, and a little bit of luck. When I first heard about Rockstar INXS, a new reality show on CBS, I decided to audition. After years of trying to make it as solo artist, I thought this opportunity might provide my big break. Well, I didn’t win the competition to be the singer for INXS…I did one better and got my very own deal with Universal Classics.”

–— A phrase from MiG’s story, ‘MiG’, by MiG from Mig Ayesa bares his major elements of success, even though he did not make it to the top of INXS, with all guns equipped, with full of guts, attitude and courage, he still knocked up a Universal recording contract. Still it’s a dream come true.


After a long frustrating and tiring wait for Charice fans from here and abroad, it can finally be said that Sunshine Corazon will definitely be back so soon on US musical TV series “Glee”, it is said that this is one of the most awaited comeback GLEE star this season of Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

Charice, who plays Filipino exchange student Sunshine Corazon on the show, is on for four more episodes, which is very nice to hear. Glee creator Ryan Murphy told ABS-CBN News that Charice is coming back in a big way. We’re finishing the year with her.”

Though fans haven’t seen her since the season 2 premieres, a duet of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” with Glee mainstay Lea Michelle (Rachele Berry) and “Audition,” where she sang “Listen” of Beyonce, still all charicemania members are pushing Sunshine Corazon back to Glee.

Sunshine is set to make her big return to the show in Episode 17, titled “A Night of Neglect,” on March 22, that is just two weeks away.

And to prove this comeback of Charice, here are the screencap photos on Glee set of her from twitter with Glee stars Lea Michelle and Darren Chris whose mother is a native of Cebu, Philippines and his dad has Irish ancestry.

Charice with GLEE co-stars

Charice with GLEE co-stars

Another from picture showing that Charice (with Harry Shum Jr., the one on the lower left),is set to sing her “All by Myself” rendition, which is one of the most power-belted song piece of Charice, original by Eric Carmen, and revived by Celine Dion.

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