4 Filipino’s who made it in the List of Worlds Billionaire


Forbes is an American publishing and media company. Its flagship publication, the Forbes magazine, is published biweekly. This magazine is well-known for its lists, including its lists of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400) and its list of Most Powerful Women and BILLIONAIRES in the World, US, Europe, and Asia are just some of it.

And just this month Forbes.com release its list of The World’s BillionaireS, the top ten on the list are:

  1. Carlos Slim Helu & Family from Mexico

    Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates

    Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates

  2. Bill Gates from United States
  3. Warren Buffett from United States
  4. Bernard Arnault from France
  5. Larry Ellison from United States
  6. Lakshmi Mittal from India
  7. Amancio Ortega from Spain
  8. Eike Batista from from Brazil
  9. Mukesh Ambani from India
  10. Christy Walton & family from United States

The World’s richest person for two year in a row, the Mexican telecom mogul, Carlos Slim Helu, is also the year’s biggest gainer, having added $20.5 billion to his fortune and widened the gap between him and no. 2, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, to $18 billion. -from Forbes.com

Meanwhile, the Microsoft mogul, futurist and America’s richest person and The world’s wealthiest man of 2009, William Henry “Bill“ Gates III, is no longer the planet’s richest person, after giving away $30 billion to his foundation.

Included in the list are The Philippines’ 40 Richest 2010 #1 Henry Sy who is the SM king, #2 is the owner of  Asia Brewery, Fortune Tobacco, and controls Philippine Airlines, Lucio Tan, Andrew Tan, owning Real Estate Business, Fast Food chains and liqours who is last years #5, and also Enrique Razon Jr. who ranked at #7 is a CEO and Owner of International Container Terminal Services Incorporated .

Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Andrew Tan and Enrique Razon Jr.

Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Andrew Tan and Enrique Razon Jr.

  • 173. Henry Sy & Family $5.8 B
  • 512. Lucio Tan & FamilY $2.3 B
  • 540. Andrew Tan $2.2 B
  • 1057. Enrique Razon $1.1 B

Last year 2010, Forbes list of The Philippines’ 40 Richest in rank #3 John Gokongwei Jr. and #4 Jaime Zobel de Ayala didn’t make it in this years’ list of billionaires.

News Source: www.forbes.com

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