Lady Gaga: “This is why I make music. She is the future.”


Maria Aragon-Lady Gaga-Ellen DeGeneres

Maria Aragon-Lady Gaga-Ellen DeGeneres

Another young Filipina, Maria Aragon is on her way to becoming a star in international music scene after covering Lady Gaga’s latest single “Born this way” posted in YouTube (after the named Most Talented girl in the World by Oprah, Charice Pempengco).

This all started when Paris Hilton tweeted this link to Lady Gaga. And after the American pop singer and songwriter watched the video, she tweeted on her millions of fans “Can’t stop crying watching this”, “This is why I make music”, She is the future”, with the link to the video cover of Maria Aragon. These video of Aragon become an overnight video sensation in youtube and in fact as of today this is the total figure of numbers of view of the song cover, 11,689,941 and still counting. Also the twitter and facebook account of the young Filipina is going to be busy this time for sure.

Lady Gaga invited the young Filipina for a duet in her concert by a live phone chat on the HOT 103 radio station, last Friday, “Hello, my gorgeous Maria,” said Lady Gaga. The Filipina also reached another dream on her wish list after her guest appearance on her favorite and famous TV show Ellen DeGeneres. Besides the interview by Ellen, Maria performed live her cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” and wowed the people of the show and of course the TV host that gave her a standing ovation after she performed.

Up to now the young Filipina is still the latest and most talked YouTube star, receiving a lot of gracious support from the American singer, fans and followers all around the globe. Everyone now is waiting for the much anticipated duet in one of the concerts of Lady Gaga with Maria Aragon.

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