Donaire hits Montiel with a Flash.

Sunday, February 20, 2011 – at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Another honor has been brought for the Philippines by Nonito “the Flash” Donaire for his win against the undefeated Mexican fighter Fernando Montiel.

Montiel who holds a 44-2-2 (win-loss-draw) record, 34 of this won via knockout, the defender. And Donaire who’s the challenger, has a 25-1 and 17 KO’s.

Some are saying that this 12 round fight is going to be tough for Donaire, because his opponent is known to be very competitive and a courageous fighter inside the ring, so this is really a chance for the Filipino Flash to prove that he has the qualities alike of the fellow Filipino 8th Division title holder Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Montiel and Donaire seems to have a good friendship on their weigh in, but as they enter the ring and their fight started, both of them became fierce and fearless to conquer each other, hungry as wolves for the title WBC/WBO bantamweight.

shots taken from Donaire-Montiel fight

In the first round, Donaire move his way aggressively on Montiel. While the Mexican fighter didn’t move any further to take on Donaire. A left drive to the face stunned Montiel and a shot to the body made him grimace from overwhelming stunts given by his opponent. Donaire is noticeable to be more confident on the second round as he continued to dominate the game, but Montiel stood his ground and started to find the range with his left. A great left hook to the face stopped Donaire in his position and focus. Montiel tried to defend his self against the Filipino boxer as he stepped in closer to engage, but Donaire gave out a counter left hook that beat Montiel on his face made him lie down unconscious and dumbfound in seconds, also made him like electrocuted by the blow given by Donaire. Filipino’s and fans at the ringside started to cheer as the Filipino boxer also started to jump seeing the coming end of this fight. Montiel tried struggling to stand and get back on his momentum; however the Flash executed another batch of punches on the Mexican fighter that made the game end. With this knock-out win fight against undisputed Fernando Montiel.

Nonito Donaire became the second superstar of the Asian nation today, and now also named as the no.3 pound-for-pound boxer by the Ring Magazine. Donaire really made his name way up there after this fight, and proved himself to everyone that he had the qualities of a special boxer.