Brilliante Mendoza’s “LOLA” hits its sixth award!


Director Brilliante Mendoza

Director Brilliante Mendoza

Once again, 2009 Cannes Film Best Director – Brilliante Mendoza gained recognition for his film “Lola” (granny) as Best Film for International Category in the 29th Fajr International Film Festival in celebration of anniversary of the Iranian revolution in Tehran, Iran.

actresses Ms. Anita Linda and Ms. Rustica CarpioThis drama story goes through the story of Pineda family; about two elderly women who is to bear the consequences of a crime of homicide-robbery case involving their grandsons starring lead star Anita Linda, who got the Best Actress trophy at the 54th Asia-Pacific Film Festival (APFF) in Taipei also bagged Best actress award shared with Rustica Carpio for the same film (Lola).

"Lola" indie film directed by Brilliante Mendoza

Director Brilliante Mendoza is now widely acknowledged on filming today for his brilliant mind when it comes to his craft and his unique composition of stories, and also for bringing up bright ideas on his films which always revolves and portrays the social reality around the Philippines.

His highly acclaimed works that are also noted with great words and recognitions from here in the Philippines and abroad are Masahista (2005)Serbis (2008), Tirador (2007), and Kinatay (2009) all with Coco Martin, Kaleldo (2006), Manoro (2006)Pantasya (2007)Foster Child (2007), and Lola (2009).


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