Porcelain Polo Shirts from Lacoste by Li Xiaofeng

Lacoste will launch it’s limited Porcelain Polo Shirts later this month. This latest collaboration between the brand and contemporary artists designed by the infamous Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng will embark Lacoste’s collection for it’s 2010 Holiday Collector’s Series. Li is a graduate of the Central Academy of Art and a Chinese porcelain aficionado for years, before this collaboration Li had already started incorporating authentic porcelain shards dating from the 14th to the 19th centuries into his work. Notable porcelain installations have included Military Parade, Playing Chess, and The Glorious Time.

Li’s contribution consists of 317 porcelain shards and one cotton polo shirt bearing a print of the artists porcelain-shard digital collage. Rene Lacoste, the company’s founder, challenged Li to create 2 different polo shirts. For both, he had to adapt his work methods slightly, choosing blue and white shards with lotus and children designs from the Kangxi Period of the Qing Dynasty.The designs have deeper meaning with it, making it more special. The printed Porcelain Polo is limited to 20,000 pieces for both men and women, and comes packaged in a silk pouch stamped with the red seal Li Xiaofeng Lacoste logo.

The Porcelain Polo was launched in Paris last June 25 at Musée des Arts et Métiers and then at Beijing in the Fall at Li Xiaofeng’s first one-man show organized by the Red Gate Gallery. It is said that some will be distributed in the Philippines late November in exclusive and selected stores only.

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