Why Thomasians Like Me Going Gaga Over Milk Teas

I’m very loyal with a mini tea shop in UST Campus. “UniversiTEA of Happy Fanshu” is the name. I had not yet tried its competitors, however if I gonna buy their products, may be I just go back to Happy Fanshu.

Pearl milk tea (or simply milk tea, also known as bubble tea) was originated in Taiwan during the late 80′s. It’s a mixture of Taiwanese black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk, and syrup or honey. Adding other toppings such as puddings, and/or flavors such as mango, strawberry, kiwi, etc. is an option. Here in the Philippines, it is called as “Sago at Gulaman”.

Here’s the story of how Thomasians like me get crazy with its variety of products:

Indeed, I am a milk tea lover. I think it’s because of Chowking’s Nai Cha. But sometimes, I realized that I want something new. So I rarely buy it, when I’m going to eat at the nearest Chowking branch with my parents or my brother. After my brother, his girlfriend and I went shopping at SM City North Edsa, I found a Taiwanese restaurant named Ersao, located along West Avenue, Quezon City. We haven’t taken dinner yet, so we went there to eat. This Taiwanese restaurant serves a variety of pearl milk tea and other Taiwanese dishes. I ordered Strawberry Green Milk Tea. It was so good but it’s inconvenient for me to buy pearl milk tea again there.

I read an article in The Varsitarian, the official publication of University of Santo Tomas entitled “The tea invasion”. I never thought that a lot of Thomasian students go gaga with different brands of teas: Simple Life (now called Simple Line), Bubbatealicious, Zen Tea, and Happy Fanshu. Some of my classmates buy milk teas almost everyday. I thought deeply, “Why should I try this kind of milk tea? I want my last year in UST the most memorable, yet happiest year as a loyal Thomasian student.”

Strawberry Milk Tea with Pudding

Strawberry Milk Tea with Pudding

So I started purchasing tea at Happy Fanshu last September 8. I ordered Taiwan Mountain Oolong Tea worth PhP 30.00. It tasted so good, so why not trying other teas which Happy Fanshu is offering? Here comes third mid-week Wednesday (September 15). I bought Pudding Milk Tea. I just remembered Taiwanese actor and Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan because his fans are called Puddings and I want to try the taste of pudding. It’s very delicious and I love this taste. It costs PhP 45.00. After I attended the seminar last September 22, I purchased Strawberry Milk Tea with puddings as topping. Strawberry is my favorite fruit. While waiting for my friends, I enjoyed drinking it! Last September 29, before I went to my interview for on-the-job training at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Quezon City, I acquired Strawberry Green Tea to lessen my nervousness.

I stopped ordering Happy Fanshu’s milk tea starting first Wednesday of October. I did’t have enough money to buy. I am now saving money, not only to open a new bank account, but to buy CD+DVD version of Fahrenheit’s new album “Super Hot”. Well I already miss drinking milk tea. I hope before I graduate, I gonna buy another variant of Happy Fanshu’s milk tea.

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