ABS-CBN continues to celebrate 60 years of Philippine soap opera

ABS-CBN continues to shine in celebration of 60 years of Philippine soap opera. They aired top-rating series this year such as Agua BenditaKung Tayo’y MagkakalayoHabang May BuhayRubiRosalkaPHR presents Impostor and1DOL. Other current dramas hits primetime like Kokey @ AkoNoah, Mara ClaraImortalMagkaribal and PHR presents Kristine.

Whether the soaps run only in few weeks or more, ABS-CBN offers high-quality stories and talented artists during primetime. Remarkable characters from these in different genres such as fantasy, action, and romance make viewers keep track from the beginning until the end.

After the network had launched the Mara Clara remake, another remake from Koreanovela called “Green Rose”. In this Koreanovela remake, Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales are the main lead. This is already the 4th Philippine adaptation from an original Koreanovela. Other Philippine Koreanovela remakes of ABS-CBN were “My Girl”, “Only You”, and “Lovers in Paris”.

Rumors about other manga/Asianovela remakes that ABS-CBN will be produced. These are Hana Yori Dango (popularly known as Meteor Garden or Boys Over Flowers), Hana Kimi, and Princess Hours.

Philippine version of Meteor Garden? I don’t know why ABS-CBN still not tired up in this series. In record, if ABS-CBN will truly produce this, we are the fifth in a row. But when I found out that Sarah Geronimo will be the possible San Chai/Jan Di, I will watch it. I just don’t know who will be the Filipino F4. Hope it will be Kanto Boyz, if possible.

Next: Hana Kimi Philippine version. It’s a good move for ABS-CBN to have a remake of this. We are the 3rd country to have that version. Maja Salvador rumored to play Ella Chen’s role. I must say that she would be a good choice.

Finally, Korea’s Princess Hours. Wait, Princess Hours? ABS-CBN, are you insane? Frankly speaking, it’s a wrong choice of Philippine adaptation of this Koreanovela. And Koreanovela again? I’m already disgusted if you continue doing Koreanovela remakes. Better if ABS-CBN will have Philippine version of Romantic Princess.

Well, these three are not yet confirmed. But they still have long time to think and decide what to make an adaptation with a Philippine twist from manga/Asianovela.  Better choice of actors and actresses to play those characters is also important because they will risen up the plot of a drama.

What are other manga/Asianovela will you recommend and why? Who will be the main cast? Will they reach the success of ABS-CBN’s first Philippine Koreanovela adaptation My Girl? Let’s see…

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