Jollibee bought Mang Inasal for PhP 3 billion?

I saw my friend’s status on his Facebook wall: “JOLLIBEE bought MANG INASAL for P 3Billion. Well, Jollibee means business. ) ” Apparently, I said to myself: “Are you kidding?” His friend commented on his recent status and said “P3B for Mang Inasal is too expensive. They must have really studied its ROI. I hope they really mean business! lol”

PhP 3 Billion is a lot of money. Mang Inasal is successful though I haven’t tried to eat their meals. There are a lot of Mang Inasal around Metro Manila, including the recent Mang Inasal along Dapitan Street, just beside UST.

I knew that Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired food establishments such as Greenwich, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Delifrance, and now Mang Inasal. The company has also a kiddie program in GMA 7 every Saturday morning, plus kid apparel brand located at Children’s Wear inside SM Department Store. I think Jollibee is making money again.

I think that Tony Tan Caktiong still earns trillions with continuous deal negotiations and acquisitions between his company and other food establishments. But in making these, Jollibee will certainly affect their image as the country’s number one fastfood chain.

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