Torture Video Denied by Senior Inspector

“It is not me, Your Honor,” Senior Inspector Joselito Binayug said yesterday when asked by Senator Estrada if he was the one who was torturing the suspected robber on a video leaked by a concern citizen to the media.

The disclosed video showing a police officer cursing and whipping the suspect with a rope tied on his genitals was viewed frequently by internet users on YouTube. When finally hyped up by the media, it was detected that the torturing was done at the Asuncion community police precint in Tondo, Manila. Several witnesses pointed to Binayug and his men saying it was him who was tormenting the suspect shown on the video.

The victim’s wife, Darius Evangelista, also identified the police officer as the one torturing her husband on the video. This was constantly reminded by the deputy chief of the NCRPO (National Capital Region Police Office), Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla, when Binayug firmly denied the accusation. Senator Estrada said, “Witnesses are pointing to you as the main culprit or the main suspect of the torture. Why don’t you tell the committee here… and I am reminding you that you are under oath,”.  At that point, Binayug then cited his right not to discuss the issue further since there is a case already filed against him in court and thus wants to wait until the hearing.

A case is filed against Binayug for violation of the Anti-Torture Act of 2009.

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