Mendoza Hostage Taking: Affects Philippine Tourism

The Philippines, being one of the top most visited tourist spots in Southeast Asia, is undergoing a “black” phase in tourism industry after the bloodbath hostage crisis at Quirino Grand Stand, Manila last Monday.

The Hong Kong government heaved a black travel alert on all travel to the Philippines, affecting the Philippine goverment’s effort in achieving its tourism arrival target of 3.3 million this year, according to Tourism Secretary, Alberto Lim. Given that, he also stated that “In the short term, it (incident) will have a negative impact…It takes time to forget but the market will come back,” Philstar News.

The released senior inspector Rolando Mendoza, took over the Hong Thai Travel busload of 21 Hong Kong tourists and 4 Filipino tour guides and photographers, demanding his reinstatement in the police force. The incident lasted for about 11 hours, ending 9 lives including Mendoza who was killed by a sniper. It was said that the police force trying to capture Mendoza’s brother, Gregorio Mendoza, which was viewed by the hostage taker over the television inside the bus, triggered him to raise gun shots later that day.

Chinese newspaper People’s Daily, declared the Philippines as one of the most chaotic countries in Southeast Asia, Philstar News. This greatly affects the Philippine Tourism since almost 1.15 million tourists flies back and forth to the country, visiting popular tourists spots every year.

Philippine Government is finding ways and taking action using the media  in explaining to other countries, especially in Hong Kong and China, that the incident is an isolated case and that there is no breakdown of law and order in the Philippines, according to Lim.

President Aquino declared this day, August 25, 2010, as the National Mourning day for the hostage victims last Monday.

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