Kris defend Boy Abunda

Confirming what many have been speculating all along, Kris Aquino finally admitted to being the brains behind the drive to install her friend, Boy Abunda, as head of the Department of Tourism (DoT).

Kris, youngest sister of president-apparent Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, came clean on the matter during the June 6 airing of showbiz talk show, “The Buzz.”

“If anybody is to blame, it’s me. I was the one who brought it up with Noy. I was the one who brought it up with Boy, not realizing that it would cause such a major [issue], front page, 3 days straight,” she said.

Citing Abunda’s “marketing capabilities,” among other things as main considerations for her endorsement, the controversial host-actress went on to shower praises on Abunda, mentioning her many dealings with the manager-host.

“I’ve dealt with Boy with so many money matters. And if you are going to recommend somebody for a government position, you’d want somebody who is trustworthy, one that wouldn’t dare steal and would be protective and caring of the president,” she detailed.

She urged Abunda to consider the offer, saying, “We all know how big a contribution you could give to the Philippines [so] go for it, Boy.”

It was late last month that Aquino III declared he was eyeing Abunda to head the DoT, mentioning the latter’s ability to clearly communicate ideas and understand the sentiments of the populace.

“He is an icon in the country, and more so for his ability to communicate, to understand the audience and to be able to propound and advance a particular set of ideas,” Noynoy said.

When sought for reaction, Abunda said he is “not inclined to accept it.”

He noted that joining the government would mean him quitting show business, which he said he is “not ready to do” as yet as he is still, “happy” doing it.

“I can help ‘Noy in another capacity. I have a personal relationship with Noy. I think it will be more effective if I continue what I am doing now… giving him advice — devoid of agenda and bias, devoid of politics,” said he.

Still, not a few wags continued to belittle Abunda, assailing him for being a mere “entertainer.”

Apparently hurt by the insinuations, Abunda change his mind on the matter saying he is “open” to the idea but not anytime soon.

“I have a contract with ABS-CBN that will last until the end of 2011. I will respect and honor that contract.”

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