Metro Manila Water folks

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) has granted the petition (MWSS) for additional water allocation for the adequate domestic water supply demand of some 12 million consumers in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The NWRB is an attached agency of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) tasked to regulate and allocate water resource in the country.

Engr. Jorge Estioko, NWRB chief water resources development officer, said the MWSS was granted their request for an adjustment in the previous water allotment of 35 cubic meters per second (cms) or 3,045 million liters per day (MLD).

The MWSS asked for additional three cms in water allocation, however, Estioko said NWRB only granted them two cms supplementary share until May 31 because the Angat Dam is still under critical level.

The present allocation of MWSS, which it distributes to water concessionaires Maynilad Water Services Inc. (MWSI) and Manila Water Company Inc. (MWCI), is now 37 cms or 3,219 MLD.

As of Tuesday, Angat Dam remains at a critical level with 170.57 meters or 13.66 meters below its normal level.

“If water level does not improve in June, we will re-implement 35 cms water allocation for Metro Manila,” Estioko said.

When asked if the adjustment in water allotment could have adverse effect on the dwindling level of Angat Dam, Estioko said, “The difference from the projected level of Angat Dam by the end of June will only be 25 centimeters lower than the initial projection.”

Earlier, the NWRB projected that the level of Angat Dam will reach its lowest in six years at 165 meters by the end of June.

About 97 percent of water source in Metro Manila comes from Angat Dam, while the remaining 3 percent are sourced from deep wells.

Estioko said the normal water supplied to Maynilad and Manila Water is 46 cms or 4,000 MLD, which is split 60-40 with the higher share for Maynilad.

Maynilad currently serves seven million customers in Metro Manila’s west zone, while east zone concessionaire Manila Water has five million consumers.

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