USB plug and play Ultrasound through the use of laptop

Let us see on what are the latest improvement in the world of technology and what are the other things that a computer can be used to in, just like in this new regarding a plug and play ultrasound

The latest in ultrasound technology is now in the country with the introduction of SeeMore from the USA. Portable, lightweight and convenient, this breakthrough distributed by Panasian Medical Technologies, Inc. (PMT), takes advantage of the current plug-and-play computer systems and can be plugged directly into any laptop for easy, hassle-free use. With this newest development in ultrasound technology now available in the country, Filipino doctors and medical professionals can provide their patients with a more convenient, easily accessible ultrasound treatment.

SeeMore is the only USB cable-driven ultrasound device in the world, making it easier to transport. And because the technology has made for a compact, portable version of the ultrasound, it is also reasonably-priced, truly making ultrasound technology easily available to medical practitioners. “Our technology enables doctors to make on-the-spot ultrasound check ups and diagnoses for a variety of clinical purposes,” says Sedrick Hodgens, chief executive officer of PMT. This is because SeeMoreTM has different types of probes for different clinical applications. The General Purpose Abdominal Probe functions for the abdomen, uterus, bladder, and Focused Assessment by Sonography in Trauma (FAST) exam. The Endocavity Probe is for transrectal (prostate) and transvaginal (uterus and adnexa) applications, the Peripheral Imaging Probe is for vascular access, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) lines, nerve blocks and detection of foreign bodies,and the Ophthalmology Probe is for the posterior eye and retina.

Moreover, SeeMoreTM has an open architecture system. The probes, cables and laptop are all separate components so if any of it breaks, one can immediately replace the malfunctioning component.

source: manila bulletin

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