Bongbong Wins a Seat in the Senate

By: Mara Cordial

MANILA, Philippines – Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was declared as a senator after national and local elections last Saturday, reinforcing the family’s return to prominence.

Only twelve of the twenty-four Senate seats were available because the terms of the other half have not yet expired. In the recent elections, Bongbong’s sister, Imee Marcos, was also declared as the governor of their family’s northern stronghold, Ilocos Norte. In addition, his mother, the extravagant Imelda Marcos, won a seat in Congress.

Bongbong told some reporters that he may seek to use the Senate to get the chance to clear his father’s name and as a springboard to the presidency in the 2016 election. “I would like to take this political career that I have embarked upon as far as it can go. The ultimate position is to be president,” he said when he announced his senatorial bid late last year.

Every Filipino knows that his late father’s 20-year rule was indeed marked by massive rights abuses and the disappearance of thousands of opposition activists in the country.

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