Filipino’s wait for the big result after using the electronic voting system

By: Tobee Pineda

Manila, Philippines – After the big election day filipinos enthusiatically wait for the results for the presidency, Congress and local government positions to be announced.

Election is a evaluation on how filipinos choose wisely their officials to govern and promote democracy here in the Philippines. For the first time, a automated voting system was used for making elections more convinient and efficient, this is a effort in making elections not to cause chaos in voting just like in the past few years.

The Comelec estimated that some of their machines of 400 of the more than 80,000 machines malfunctioned during the poll of votes, also there are some machines that malfunctioned on some precincts causing trouble to voters as well to the BEI (Board of Election Inspectors).

In terms of the computerized voting system there is a big scrutiny in terms of the machines that some are defective and has a problem in transmitting results to the servers. It is expected that Comelec, within 72hours the results will be compelete.

Now as Filipino’s wait they see what are the potential benefits of each candidates that are close to winning to the said election. Filipino’s will see if their decisions in choosing the candidate officials are truly beneficial to the country.

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