PT-141: The Hope of Science for Better Sex

By: Eden Lorren Pabalan

Sex is an essential part of anyone’s life and routine. Men and women both have physical needs and wants. But what if you lack the desire and libido for it? What if your partner feels disappointed on your latest performance? Or your girl thinks you lack the erection it needs? Erectile dysfunction is still a condition that needs to be prevented. Stop hesitating and start looking for the cure.

PT-141 (also known as Bremelanotide) is a drug developed by Palatin Technologies when it comes to alleviating sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It is a peptide of Melanotan II, a tanning agent. PT-141 comes in the form of a nasal spray and injectibles which promotes sexual performance for both men and women. Testimonies from different individuals prove that Bremelanotide has definitely enhanced their sexual performance and erections.

The drug is now on its second scientific testing to fully prove its effectiveness in providing sexual gratification among men and women. Bremenalotide is also found to contain lordosis, which is an effective agent in treating erectile dysfunction and impotence on both sexes. If ever proven 100% effective, this will be the first sexual potency drug in the market for women. Research for the drug has been very promising. Testing with lab rats has proven effective and the human testing showed hopeful results as well. The examination for women who took PT-141 and placebo exhibited that the drug took effect on them when they engaged in sexual intercourse with their partners.

On the other hand, a test on 270 men were all proven effective and restored their sexual potency. The PT-141 works by stimulating certain parts of the brain which are responsible for expressing sexual desire. Viagra in contrast increases blood flow without igniting sexual excitement. Thus, PT-141 is the only drug which can sexually prompt a person without any external stimulation.

PT-141 is on its way to treating men and women who want to achieve sexual fulfillment. The “lust drug” will hopefully be released after further research and tests and is forecasted to be “bigger then Viagra.” The market for PT-141 is showing interest in the product, especially women. This might be the solution to that unreached climax and satisfaction.

Other researches show that Bremelanotide can treat obesity. Boosting libido and cutting off your weight are the perfect combination to provide you the satisfaction you need both sexually and physically.

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