Perlas decries lack of media coverage of presidential bid

Environmentalist Nicanor Perlas decried on Thursday the lack of media coverage of his presidential campaign, saying the media have ignored that he has a political base enough to propel him to the presidency.

During Unang Hirit’s Hiritan 2010, Perlas said he has the backing of “significant segments” of the D and E classes but this has not been covered by the media, thus creating the impression that his presidential bid is futile.

Perlas claimed that groups from the indigenous peoples, farmers, Muslim, and the urban poor are backing his candidacy, and said he believes he has an 8 out of 10 chance of winning the presidency.

“Several major national organizations ng mga katutubo are already behind my candidacy, bringing in about four million potential voters with them,” Perlas said in response to economist Winnie Monsod’s question on whether he has a political base.

Ang problema kasi sometimes Winnie hindi kinocover ng press eh, maski na nagpepress release kami, sinasabi namin na may ganitong support,” Perlas said. “Otherwise wala na ko sa running if there’s no support coming on.”

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