Filipino makes it to ‘Biggest Loser Asia’ finale

A Filipino will battle it out with contenders from Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong for the first-ever “The Biggest Loser Asia” title when the reality television series’ finale takes place on Tuesday.

Professional chef Carlo Miguel, 32, will go against Indonesian David Gurnani, Malaysian Aaron Mokhtar and Martha Lai from Hong Kong.

Miguel had a starting weight of 132 kilograms. His last weigh-in on Week 13 before going into the final was 90 kg.

He belongs to a family of foodies and chefs. His great-grandfather was a pastry chef, his mother is a cook with a catering business while his older brother is a chef as well.

Miguel has cooked in Luke Mangan’s Salt Restaurant and David Rayner’s Vault in Sydney, Australia. At present, he is the executive chef of Sala Bistro and Sala Restaurant in Manila.

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