Pacman in 6 or 7 – Roach

HOLLYWOOD – Manny Pacquiao turned on the heat inside the gym Saturday as the temperature dropped outside.

He sparred for six rounds against Abdulla Amidu and Dave Rodela. He worked so hard. He moved so well. He looked sharp.

Trainer Freddie Roach was so impressed he shortened Joshua Clottey’s lifespan on the ring by a couple more rounds as the March 13 fight at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas neared.

A month ago, Roach said he’d be happy if Pacquiao wins by decision. Then last Thursday, he said Pacquiao should knock out Cottey inside nine rounds, but he’d be happier if the fight ends right in the opening round.

Thursday, he said Clottey should be gone in six or seven rounds.

“It will not go the distance,” he repeated.

“He’s (Clottey) gonna last (only) six or seven rounds. He’s going to be overwhelmed with the punches. He’s never been attacked like this before,” said Roach after they raised the total number of sparring to 138 rounds.

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