Cabinet men start quitting

MANILA, Philippines – Nearly all Cabinet officials seeking elective posts this May have submitted their resignations to President Arroyo, ahead of the appeal to be filed by Solicitor General Alberto Agra on a Supreme Court ruling declaring all appointive officials running in the elections as resigned.

But they are staying in their posts until President Arroyo accepts their resignations, according to Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, who is running in the first congressional district of Batangas. Ermita tendered his resignation last Tuesday.

Ermita and Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr. were the first to file their resignations early this week.

“I have resigned because there is a Supreme Court decision,” Ermita said. “We have submitted our resignations. It depends on the final decision of the President (to accept them or not) but it’s legally okay for us to be still there (in our posts) because it (SC ruling) is not final and executory.”

“We are winding down our affairs now, and I am sure there will be no vacuum because the President also has people in mind for our replacements,” he added.

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