Erap uncovers the “bribe” issue!

Batangas, Philippines- Forner president Joseph Estrada revealed Tuesday that he has received offers to back out from presidential race in exchange of large amount of money from a rival candidate.

Erap said some go-betweens have been talking to him for almost 9 months trying to convince him to withdraw. Asked who was behind the move, Estrada said: “I can’t [say]. That’s deniable. But probably, it’s someone who has lots of money.”
When asked whether it was a rival with the same campaign color (orange) as his, he said: “Ha, ha, ha, wala akong sinabing ganyan!” (“Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t say that!”)

“Pwedeng natatakot, siguro gustong makuha suporta ko. Pero di nya makukuha suporta ko,” Estrada said.
Estrada did not say how much money was offered, but said he refused it since he was insulted by the offer.

“I couldn’t turn my back away from these people,” Estrada said as the crowd behind him chanted, “Erap, Erap, Erap!”.


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