Reward offered for capture of those who hacked fins from live whale shark

An 18-foot long whale shark (Rhincodon typus), was found floating belly-up amidst the rough waters of Bahay Kambing , a sheltered cove in the municipality of Tingloy. Its twin pairs of dorsal and pectoral fins were sliced off. Rope and knife-marks scarred and gouged its tail. Some suspect the fins were hacked for their value as meat in Asian markets. Others conjecture that the whale may have become tangled in a net and fishers hacked the fins to save their net. World Wildlife Fund-Philippines and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), announce a reward of P100,000 to any person who provides information leading to the identification and arrest of the parties involved in the mutilation and de-finning of the Tingloy whale shark. Anyone with information is asked to text their name with complete information on the location of the boat and whale shark fins to WWF at: 0917-883-4207.
The shark was towed to calm waters where a Bantay Dagat unit and volunteers splinted the shark by flanking it with bambo poles and installing a net underneath to minimize further injuries. they tried to ease the whales suffering.

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