Search for happiest Pinoy: No worries for man always on sickbed

Arguably, it is easier to be happy when one has many things to be happy about. And a person in the midst of suffering tends to lose faith and give in to sadness.

Winston Abella Maxino, 47, has been, for the longest time, contradicting these statements. Humor and infectious laughter are his best “weapons,” empowering him to rise above the medical challenges in his life.

The eighth of nine children, Winston was born and raised in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. For most of his life, he suffered from severe asthma and allergy attacks. There were times when he had to be brought to the hospital and be confined for half the total number of school days.

The surest way for him to get rid of the physical pain was to make people laugh by cracking jokes and playing tricks on them. He always felt he was on the verge of death and with those simple gestures, he could leave a mark in case he would die soon. People would remember him as the “poor boy” who mastered the art of making people happy.

Even while faced with serious medical conditions, Winston was born to be an achiever. At 11, he became the “Little City Mayor” in Dumaguete City and performed mayoral duties for a week. He got elected as the youngest kagawad representing the youth sector of the city when he was still studying in Silliman University in 1980.

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