Ivler pleads not guilty to Ebarle slay

QUEZON City – Jason Ivler, suspect for killing a son of a Malacanang Official, was brought to the Quezon City regional trial court to plea of not guilty of accusations charged to him.

Ivler was in handcuffed in a stretcher when he was brought there yesterday. Under heavy guard of NBI agents and Quezon City policemen. He was also with his mother Marlene Aguilar-Pollar, stepfather Stephen Pollard, two lawyers and a medical team from Quirino Memorial Medical.

Jason Ivler is accused of killing both Renato Ebarle Jr., son of presidential chief of staff undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr., and Nestor Ponce Jr., the underseretary for resettlement.

Judge Alexander Balut set for February 25 the preliminary conference  and for March 2 the pre-trial.


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