Love by the numbers: Fast facts about Filipino relationships

Has Filipino culture really changed through the years? Latest statistics showed that less Filipinos have been tying the knot while more of them have been ending their marriages.

Dr. Romulo Virola, secretary-general of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), said that in the year 2000, less than half of the country’s population (45.7%) were married. Back in the 80s, he said 50.6% of Filipinos have exchanged “I do’s.”

In 2008, only 50.7% of women aged 15 to 49 were married, down from 54.4% in 1993.

“Has love become more expensive, or is it because Pinoy men of earlier generations had stronger appeal than this Piolo Pascual or Gerald Anderson?” Virola said in his column at the NSCB website.

“Whatever, for those who are looking to tie yourselves with a knot, you know your prospects have gone higher, provided of course, that you are willing to marry anyone who is unmarried,” he added.

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