Food Fight

The turn of the century was a time of immense change for the Philippines. While battles were being fought for independence, an equally important fight for the nation’s identity was being waged in the country’s hearths and homes.

At the lecture “The Turn of the Century Kitchens”, book author, historian and culture scholar Felice Sta. Maria reveals that our American colonizers not only tried to subjugate us through force — but also through food!

The Turn of the Century Kitchens” is part of a series of lectures held every Saturday at the National Museum alongside the exhibit “War and Dissent: The U.S. in the Philippines, 1898-1915.”

“American military leaders dehumanize their Filipino enemy when the Philippine-American War begins on February 4, 1899. Pro-annexation advocates depict Filipinos as savage and unfit for citizenship or self-rule,” explains Sta. Maria.

“Wise patriots knew they were not only fighting for recognition of the independent Philippine Republic but respect for Filipino identity.

Unexpectedly, Philippine kitchens and dining tables found themselves battlegrounds for American efforts to dominate Filipino identity.”

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