What are cellphone jammers?

Every elections, controversies arised about the expected sabotage on election process. And in the incoming automated national  election, unconfirmed reports have surfaced about the large amount of cellphone jamming devices that were shipped in the country. Although these devices are usual, but what they are worried is the possibility that it will be used to sabotage the incoming election because of it was shipped during the election period.

Comelec spokeperson James Jimenez had said they are prepared with setbacks, such as loss of cellphone signals and made countermeasures for them on Election Day.

How does a cellphone jamming device works? A cellphone is a two-way radio used for communication. It receives and transmits radio frequency simultaneuosly, making it possible for the parties to listen and talk at the same time. And cellphone jamming devices transmits signals at a similar frequency as the cellphone. Thus, blocking the frequencies from reaching the nearest cell tower and disrupting the transmissions. Making the election be sabotage.