The C5 Extension controversy: An interactive map

Below is an interactive map prepared by GMANews.TV of the controversial C5 road extension project in Metro Manila that shows both the originally planned route of the road project and where the road actually passed after presidential candidate and real estate magnate Senator Manuel Villar Jr allegedly intervened:

C5 Extension Project Map

Presidential candidate Sen. Villar has been accused of a naked conflict of interest. Opinion surveys in the next few weeks will show if this has mortally affected his candidacy. But the case at the least provides a window into the intersection between political power and government infrastructure, commercial interest and public spending.

According to the findings of the Senate Committee of the Whole, Villar exerted his influence on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) so that the C-5 Road Extension would pass through his real estate properties and connect to the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road, adjacent to more of his commercial land.

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