Poll machines tried, tested in Benguet, Taguig, etc.

Officials of Comelec and staff of Smartmatic test an automated poll machine in the remote town of Bakun in Benguet, which is a dead zone for mobile phone signals, making it an ideal site for testing the transmission of voters’ data.

BAKUN, BENGUET—“Kaman di baw” (So, that’s how it works) was all he could say after the voting machine read each long ballot in seconds.

Like his town mates, 40-year-old farmer Wilto Paniki trekked to the Ketagan-Cabatan Elementary School at Sitio Beto in Barangay Dalipey here on a cold Wednesday morning to see how the automated election machine looked.

Paniki and many teachers who watched from the sidelines said they were amazed when the machines read each long ballot in a matter of seconds.

“How I wish I could try voting now,” Paniki said.

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