Jason Ivler was also wanted in U.S.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recieved an information about Jason Ivler having a warrant of arrest in U.S. dated September 9, 2009. This information was sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after they requested for a background check on Ivler.

NBI Counter Terrorism Unit, Ricardo Diaz, said the case was about possessing a sedative drug Flunitrazeparm and was wanted by the Nevada Highway Patrol for failure to attend in court hearings. According to Diaz, Ivler appeared at the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Computerized Criminal History (CCH) database.

Before he face his case in US, Jason Ivler will first face his case here in Philippines and then he will be deported to go to US.Also the US Embassy’s American Citizens Services is looking into the case after an alleged human rights violation committed on Ivler after arresting him.

Ivler was arrestd last Monday on his mothers house in Blue Ridge Subdivision in Quezon City for killing Renato Ebarle Jr., and has a firefight with the authorities. He is now recuperating in Quirino Memorial Medical Hospital after he was wounded.

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