Erap visited Malacanang after nine years.

Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrade made his first visit to Malacanang Palace after nine years. Erap made a statement that after six months, he will return to the Palace.

The National Security Council invited Estrada to talk about the incoming national automated election. Also about the dismantling of private armies and recovery loose firearms.

Estrada expressed he was glad to have a chance to share his opinions and advice regarding the peace and order. But he point out that he’s not so excited about the visit.

Estrada showed his excitement over the first national automated election and he wants to ensure that no failure of election will happen.

The meeting between President Arroyo and Estrada was described as “cordial”, by Press Secretary Cerge Remonde and Secretary to the Cabinet Silvestro Bello III. Arroyo and Estrada were seated beside each other. Bello said that no one could hear what they were talking about.

Press Secretary Remonde was asked if Estrada’s presence was a clear indication to reconcile with the administration, he said “President Estrada, in fairness to him, has always said that he will support those whom he believes, he agrees with. In other words yung tinatawag na critical collaboration or constructive engagement. And I think the former president has been a statesman in that way.”

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