Some Ampatuan weapons, Army guns have same serial numbers – AFP

A number of firearms seized from the Ampatuan compound in Maguindanao bear the same serial numbers as those of weapons issued to Army troops and in used by them, Armed Forces chief Gen. Victor Ibrado said Tuesday.

In an interview at Camp Aguinaldo, Ibrado disclosed that a 57-mm recoilless rifle, for example, has the same serial number as that of another recoilless being used by a soldier assigned to the Army’s 901st Infantry Brigade in Bicol. He added that the weapon is now in his office after recalling it from an unnamed soldier.

Ibrado further revealed that an M16 rifle issued to another soldier also has a serial number identical to that of a general purpose machine gun recovered from the Ampatuan compound.

“I don’t know how they (Ampatuans) got the serial number. Either the serial number of this recoilless rifle that is with me is tampered with or the one that was recovered has a tampered serial number,” he said.

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