People still want June opening for classes

The Department of Education yesterday said majority of Filipinos still prefer a school opening in June instead of the proposed September. Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said a survey conducted from August to September by the department showed 66 percent of respondents were against the September opening of classes, with 34 percent in favor.

The survey respondents came from schools in divisions nationwide and included teachers, parents, local government officials, and other education stakeholders.

A total of 145 out of the 197 schools divisions participated in the survey.

Thirteen regions out of the 17 were not in favor of moving the school opening to September.

In favor of a September opening were Region III (Central Luzon) with 54 percent of respondents, Region VI (Western Visayas) with 68 percent and Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula) with 51 percent.

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