Son of Philippines’ late dictator dreams of presidency

MANILA (Reuters) – The Oxford-educated son of the Philippines’ former dictator Ferdinand Marcos wants to follow the footsteps of his namesake father by winning a seat in the upper house of Congress in May as a first step toward the presidency.

“If we succeed in what we are doing now, it wouldn’t be bad to be president. The presidency would be a good cap to one’s political career,” Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr told foreign correspondents in Manila.

The 52-year-old congressman from the northern Ilocos Norte province, his father’s bailiwick, recently launched his second attempt to run for senator. He lost in the 1995 polls, claiming he was cheated of a seat in the 24-member Senate.

His father started his career in the post-war Philippines as a congressman, then was a senator before becoming the country’s longest serving president. Marcos ruled as a dictator in the last 14 of his 20-year rule and was ousted in 1986 by an army-backed popular revolt.


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