Korina Sanchez excited to celebrate Christmas as Mrs. Mar Roxas

Mar and Korina

MANILA, Philippines - Korina Sanchez is excited about spending Christmas with Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, their first as husband and wife.

Sanchez revealed that she is not expecting any gift from Roxas, who she jokingly described as “stingy (kuripot).”

“Ang ibibigay siguro noon ay pagmamahal o TLC (tender loving care). ‘Yong mga libre pero meaningful. It’s the thought that counts ika nga,” Sanchez shared.

Sanchez said through the years that they have been together as a couple, one of the most important values she imbibed from her husband is humility by keeping a simple life.

She has given him extravagant and expensive gifts, but the senator has shown her that material things are not important in a person’s life.

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